Advanced Interfaces
with any practice management application
with any document  imaging/ management application 
with any EMR application
with any hospital based HIS, RIS, PACS and EMR

Dictation Options
800# provided
digital dictation devices
Philips Speech Mike with bar code reader (Radiologist)
Dictaphone, DVI, Lanier and other digital dictation systems
physicians not required to change their dictation habits
voice file upload monitor (no longer lose voice files)
voice files linked to transcribed reports  

Transcription Platform

online access to patient information
routing features

Automated Document Distribution
based on triggered events

Online access to transcribed documents
    as a byproduct of the dictation and transcription process
saves thousands of man-hours in chart pulls

Aide clinics in migrating toward an EMR
    patient identifiers applied to transcribed documents
    conditions your staff to utilize an EMR
    helps to organize information work flow processes
    export current and historical reports to a future EMR (F)
    increase ROI on future EMR

Audit Trails
    voice files upload monitor (never lose a voice file again)
    access, viewing, printing, faxing and routing by document
    transcribed reports versus scheduled appointments
    faxed documents

Additional Services
Integrated e-prescription application
RIS/ PACS integration Hospital document integration